1. What is the importance of Hiring Professional Architects & Engineers ?

To build the a particular space, you shall hire the services of professional Architects & Engineers. Architects who are fully conversant with the Development Control Regulations & Local Building Byelaws:
1. Architects
2. Structural / Civil Engineer
3. Geotechnical Soil Engineer
4. Construction Managers
5. Contractors

2. What Indenture checks before starting construction of a building?

0. Land is not prone to flooding
1. Nature of Surrounding Structures/Buildings
2. Material Storage Space
3. Electricity & Water Facility
4. Check of soil, that the soil is not soft and is not liquefiable

3. Approvals needed before starting construction?

0. Municipal Plan Sanctions
1. Municipal Permissions / Approvals

4. What services Indenture Provides?Indenture serves the clients as:

Architects, Interior Designers, Civil Contractors, Property Managers, Quantity Surveyors, CAD Drafters, and Property Developers, with that we provide the following services to all our clients:
0. Building Construction
1. Architectural Designing
2. Interior Designing
3. Property Management
4. Land Purchase and Sales
5. CAD Drafting Services

5. What is an Indenture Contract/ Agreement?

It is not just a contract it is a transparent, clear understanding of project specifications. Indenture Contract is an agreement document that is duly signed between the Indenture and the Client before start of any service, this agreement gives the assurance in written about the project requirements, project understanding, project Budget, project quality and on time project delivery. Our agreement towards the clients in simple and clear words is "PROMISES DELIVERED"..

6. Why Indenture

Indenture started by a team of young dynamic engineers & architects, mentions the key reasons Indenture should be your first choice for civil construction, home construction, interior designing, quantity surveying and property management here are few of the key reasons:

Strong Relationships: We build strong positive relationships with clients; the firm consistently delivers on its motto - promises delivered.

Profitable Project Delivery: Strict Standard building constructions, work quality, perfect combination of functionality with aesthetics and on time execution this entire support Profitable project Delivery.

Community Support: Indenture understands the importance of local market awareness, working staff, foremen and labor are locally selected, as well as we support locally based suppliers.

We practice best safety standards

7. What shall I expect at the completion of the project?

You've made the right decision by choosing Indenture Group. As you add the personal touches that make the home your own, you shall look forward to a lifetime of enduring quality. Be assured that we, too, are committed to enhancing your pride in ownership, as we build a relationship that lasts as long as your home. You are now the proud owner of an exceptionally well-crafted and smartly designed home. Thank You.

8. Who shall construct with indenture?

We believe in building quality homes and we stand behind all what we build. Every person who is looking to construct home / office space with quality with in an affordable budget, on time execution & handover, Indenture promises to all of you that we shall be delivering enduring quality what is promised, mentioned in the contract by us and agreed by you, we assure enhancing your pride of ownership.

9. What is the advantage of hiring Indenture?

Indenture Group has its reputation for building superior quality spaces and standing behind what we build. We make every effort to deliver level of customer service that goes far beyond industry standards. With practiced, personalized service throughout the duration, you can count on us to take care of you every step of the way. It is just another reason why we are one of the most admired upcoming firms in home building.