About Us

Japps infra is established by young dynamic engineers having hands-on experience nationally in the field of Design & Construction, with an intention of providing trendy plus functional Design & Construction services. We serve our clients as Architects, Interior Designers, Civil Contractors, CAD Drafters, Property Developers and Building Contractors, for all construction needs with knowledge and awareness about national Practice Codes & best of the field standards. We provide construction services for Residential, Corporate and Commercial Sectors with dedicated in-house Architecture, Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, AUTOCAD Drafting, Interior Designing and Project Management Teams. Over the years, our expansion began as a regional practice in association with offices and partner firms based in India. It is through this network of associate offices that we draw upon each others knowledge of local conditions and constraints.

Indenture is an organization that creates and communicates ideas of Design & Construction, giving its Clients the opportunity to build stylish and better living for themselves and others. These responsibilities are at the heart of Indenture mission, and have foundations and a life beyond any single strategic plan.

Our projects today range from Residential Constructions, Plotted Housing, Corporate and Commercial Constructions locally, and Quantity Surveying services, CAD Drafting Services nationally for clients from different areas, we are creating benchmarks with our abilities of combining functionality with aesthetics. Our focus has been to create environment friendly and energy efficient buildings, as a base concept that we carry in all kinds of projects either it is a large Building or small office interiors.



As Home Builders in Nellore , Japps infra will focus on creating living spaces that transform the future for the benefit of people and their environments. We will collaborate with partners to ensure the global impact of our organization and also to reach out through our presence in cities across the INDIA to make a difference.


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A Client Inclusive Approach to Construction Achieving a clear understanding of all aspects of a project through a collaborative client relationship and a coordinated effort between client, community, contractors and consultants.

An Integrated Multi-Disciplined Process A team of dedicated professionals designing all facets of a project including architecture, planning, interiors and graphic design and executing them with standards.

An Investment in Constant Innovation Professionals committed to further growth and development of themselves through an awareness of new techniques and technologies and their applications in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Encourage and Promote the Indenture Culture Realizing that success is derived from the strength of the individual as part of the whole, a conscious effort is made to translate the Indenture family spirit and tradition into a motivational work ethic.